• Our Small Blue Football Duck is ideal for any fan who’s quackers about footy. This is crafted from quality solid bamboo and painted to a rich glossy finish. In case you didn’t realise that this duck is a blues fan, then it has a blue cap, blue scarf and blue boots. As ducks adore bad weather, then it could be perfectly suited to being in Manchester, where the city is in a bowl surrounded by hills, so it’s a rain trap.

    A duck for everywhere. Have it in your porchway, hallway, lounge kitchen or bedroom it will look great on the floor, the stairs, mantelpiece, windowsill or just in a display cabinet. With so many beautiful ducks to collect, you could go duck crazy and have them everywhere.

    Small Blue Football Duck

    SKU: CDK02
    • Height 22
      Width 9
      Depth 16
      Type of Wood Bamboo
      Requires Assembly No